Recommended for players age 6 to12 years old (Boys and Girls). 15 hours of education implementation of the official BFUT methodology and developing the player’s intelligence to identify and apply the best decision available with or without pressure.

The Half Day Camp program is the first step of the BFUT methodology. It is divided in the U8 (4v4 positioning), U10( 7v7 positioning), and U12 ( 9v9 positioning) age groups. Each age group has a specific curriculum and specific tactical positioning which will be taught by Bfut educators to the athletes, parents, and coaches who will also have the chance to become a soccer educator. The coach of the team will be able to use the concepts during the team’s season after the camp is done. The application of the concepts will follow a season planning and with a vertical educational integration. It is done during holidays or during the summer. We provide an individual tutorial assistance and adjusted training tied to each individual`s needs.

This camp consists of 3 hours of education during five days or weekends. In this program, players will learn why, when and how to apply each one of the 12 techniques and their 4 phases combined with the development of the coordination without the ball.

The progressive education of the positioning on and off the ball from 1v1 to the tactical positioning related to their age group (4v4 , 7v7 or 9v9) based on the BFUT methodology. Because of success, players gain self-confidence to face new challenges on the field. As the team builds character, players become better prepared to tolerate mistakes. Eventually, the players learn from those mistakes and continually improve.

Objectives – The major goals to accomplish in this program:

  • Introduce body coordination with movement applicable during the game and help the players to be able to prepare to make the best technical decision under pressure
  • Application of the 12 techniques of soccer and its phase I including specific technical steps to understand how to maintain consistency.
  • Apply the concept of mental speed (4 Basic Aspects)
  • Introduce team positioning on the field. 1v1 and to 5v5 (including the keeper) defensive-offensive
  • Improve self-esteem, patience, commitment, confidence
  • Teach how to read a game. Mental Speed
  • Implement the 4 individual abilities of a player.
  • Understanding the different types of penetration.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

  • Player analysis
  • Lower body and Global coordination – Brazilian warm up
  • Technical development – 4 heights and 4 game situations – Passing- Receiving and trapping
  • Tactical positioning analogy
  • Speed of thought – 4 basic aspects of Brazilian soccer
  • Game condition – Apply the concepts in the in the 5v5 game condition for Futsal

Day 2

  • Brazilian warm – up with the ball
  • Shooting
  • Application in the technical circuit training – 4 heights
  • game situation – developing marking and attacking abilities 1v1
  • Introduction and development of the team – compactness



Day 3

  • Warm up with the ball – understanding the diamond position
  • Dribbling and anticipation techniques
  • Phase II – fast reaction of the technique
  • Phase III – game situation – 4 balls game
  • 2v2 – outside penetration
  • World Cup

Day 4

  • Short crossing – finishing – Introduction
  • Phase I – development
  • Phase III – game situation
  • Feinting
  • 3v3 and foot communication – types of penetration
  • 4v4 movement of the team
  • World Cup II – 4v4

Day 5

  • Final game sand competition
  • Individual competitions shooting- penalty kick – 1v1
  • Team competitions – 2 balls – weak foot – 2/3 touches
  • Closing ceremony – elect the best player per age group