The IPT- Spain provides the athlete the opportunity to play soccer and learn the Spanish language in Spain allowing the players to have social cultural experiences in a different country.

The program gives players the opportunity to experience the BFUT methodology and be technically, physically, and mentally prepared to be scouted by professional clubs and universities. Players will spend a period in Zaragoza, Spain where they will be training and managed by coaches with extensive teaching experience.

The program is recommended to players with ages between 16 and 23 (exceptions may be applied).

The goals of this programs are:

  • Provide the athlete the highest level of training – developing your speed of thought, reaction,
  • improvisation and decision.
  • Provide the athletes the highest level of competition to develop the quickness of decision under
  • pressure and help you to become a very unpredictable player.
  • Develop all technical abilities under high environment of challenge.
  • Improve your ability of read the game and apply the correct tactical and functional
  • concepts consistently.
  • Provide the assessment for player`s development
  • Offer the athletes the opportunity to train and play with 4th and 3rd division pro clubs in Spain


  • Learn technical-tactical principles.
  • Improve players` body coordination.
  • Develop the basic actions: driving, controlling, and passing.
  • Deepen individual specific technical actions: haggling and shooting.
  • Practice the basic tactical principles: defensive and offensive.
  • Understand and develop technical work in different situations of play

High Performance Objectives:

  • Master and use the different technical actions at the service of the game.
  • Know and deepen the different defensive fundamental principles.
  • Optimize and improve the different offensive game principles.
  • Interrelate the different moments of the game looking for balance and advantages.
  • Manage the micro aspects of the game.
  • Create values within the game such as leadership, competitiveness, humility, and team effort.

Sample Schedule

Monday to Friday

8:30 am – Breakfast in the residence`s dining room
9:30 am – Training session 1
11:00 am- Rest and Lunch
1:00 pm – Swimming pool
2:30 pm – Meal in the residence’s dining room
3:00 pm – Break
5:00 pm – Competition matches
7:00 pm – Leisure time
9:00 pm – Dinner


8:30 am – Breakfast
10:00 am – Training Session 1
11:30 am – Rest and Lunch
12:00 pm – 3v3 games
2:30 pm – Meal in the residence`s dining room
3:30 pm – Break
4:30 pm – Recovery Session and stretching
7:00 pm – Leisure time
9:00 pm – Dinner

Information and Costs

BFUT’s responsibilities:

BFUT Instituto Brasileiro de Futebol is responsible to provide the following services for the player:

GUSGOL is the BFUT partner in Spain and will provide all the services of management, organization and guidance which includes:

  • Full time assistance when necessary
  • Introduce the player to the specific club mentioned above
  • Accommodations – 2 athletes per room
  • Players must have a medical insurance
  • Meals: 3 daily
  • Transportation: Airport – Club Residence – Airport of Zaragoza, Spain
  • Local training and games
  • Athlete analysis – complete analysis of physical, technical skills and tactical concepts
  • Practices 4 times a week with the team – 3 extra individual practices: Physical /
  • technical / tactical / 1 collective – friendly match a week
  • Daily review and necessary suggestions to improve the athlete in the different concepts
  • of the game
  • All transfers to training, games, social e cultural
  • Direct supervision provided by GUSGOL – institute of Soccer
  • Uniform for training and games
  • Other casual needs