The residential program is the last educational step in our cycle of education done around the world. It is a complete review of the technical and tactical concepts necessary to any player that is interested in excelling in the game of soccer, they are expected to play in the highest level of college or professional football (soccer).

The program consists of 60 hours of education divided into 5 days 4 nights. The location of this program will be in South Florida. The residential program is the first opportunity that BFUT staff will have to do the complete player profile (physical, technical, tactical, nutritional, and psychological analysis) of each participant.

After the analysis a specific individual program will be implemented during the camp. The players will receive at the end of the residential camp a complete player assessment with the suggested 3 months’ cycle of continued education.

The residential program is offered in a team and individual basis. The program will cover the technical-tactical curriculum of the appropriate age group. The program is divided into Intermediate and Advanced groups. The athlete will be placed in their adequate level at the camp after the player assessment.

Recommended for players 11 years and older (Boys and Girls) 

For a full understanding of our philosophy and better tactical development, we strongly recommend the team attending the program as a unit. Example: An 11-year old player attends the camp and his/her priority will be to develop the technical ability and introduction to tactical concepts. The player will participate in the intermediate group. When this player decides to come to the next year’s academy, a full summary of the first camp will be available. The player will now work with the advanced group and focus on the technical, tactical, functional concepts. The players that achieve a high level of performance in the Residential camp are invited to go to Brazil to participate in the IPT (Individual Practical Training) program.

Objectives – The major goals to accomplish in this program:

  • Understand the why, when and how of each concept (understanding to make the right decision under pressure).
  • Learn how to read the game.
  • Establish each participant’s major goals and make a development plan for the following 3 months’ season.
  • Start to identify the level of commitment to become a pro player
  • Develop the most important physical, technical, tactical, and emotional factors
  • Advanced tactical systems
  • Advanced tactical schemes
  • Advanced tactical strategies
  • Technical development under high pressure
  • Sports nutrition, psychology and sociology
  • Development of fast reaction, speed of improvisation and penetration, plus learning how to protect the ball with their body.
  • The concepts of Futsal
  • The importance of beach soccer


BFUT’s responsibilities:

  • Accommodations
    • 3 players per room
  • Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Transportation – To and from airport, hotel and weekly activities during the program.
  • Training – 48 hours of theory and practical education including beach soccer, Futsal, and outdoor
    • Physical
    • Physical – Technical
    • Technical-Tactical
    • Tactical
    • Game condition
  • Player Analysis – Complete analysis of the physical capacities, technical abilities and tactical concept during the first three hours of the course.
  • Player Assessment – A one-on-one week ending assessment with the student (and parents if available) to cover the suggested continued education development for the next 12 weeks.
  • BFUT T-Shirt
  • Cultural and social experiences for life

During the program the BFUT educator will observe and analyze each player and sets up an educational meeting at the end (each player receives a 3 month player assessment and recommendations to their continuing education). During the meeting the priorities in terms of physical, technical, tactical and psychological will be established.
The daily program will have 3 sessions on the field, 2 daily lectures and a game – scrimmaging. A full season of information compressed into one week.


Jupiter, Florida  USA

from Saturday July 21st to Wednesday 25th 

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Educator (Coach) 
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This program is offered in conjunction with the BFUT Level 1 Course.