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Bfut Africa’s mission is to teach players and educators (coaches) the simple, exciting, and winning soccer philosophy, adapted to each individual’s cultural, social and particular needs. The objective is to build a soccer philosophy by focusing not only on player’s ability but also on individual personal development.

BFUT – Institute of Soccer- Institutional Presentation

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THE COLLEGE OF SOCCER – Preparing educators (coaches) of Soccer


The players programs are prepared for boys and girls ages 5-21 years old.


Participate in educational tours to Brazil, United States, or Europe.


Feltrim Academy by BFUT

Serving Our Soccer Community Since 1991

THE COLLEGE of SOCCER is the Dept. of BFUT – INSTITUTE of SOCCER responsible of promoting and educating anyone interested in teaching the game thru our methodology. The BFUT methodology focus in developing the intelligence of coaches and players. 

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