Recommended for players from 11(9v9) and U13 to 18(11v11) years old. The program seeks to implement the tactical concepts found in official BFUT  software “Football Made in Brazil”  This is the program BFUT uses to teach the technical, tactical, tactical schemes, tactical strategies (dead balls) and tactical systems concepts to coaches and players around the world.

This program will help us to identify players with professional potential. These players will be invited to the residential program in the USA in Juno Beach, FL and the possibility to have an opportunity in a professional club with our agents of pro clubs in South America, North America or Europe.

The Day Camp program is recommended to players interested in improving their individual technical skills combined with the introduction of the tactical concepts in game situation and game condition.

The program consists of 30 hours of education divided into 5 days – 6 hours a day (Boys and Girls). This program is offered in individual or in a team basis. The major goal is to provide the specific curriculum to the team age group, educating the coach and the players at the same time, defining the concepts that are to be emphasized during the 3 months season. They will be able to continue their development after the camp program is over. The players will learn tactical variations and how to make effective and faster decisions to create one of the 6 situations of scoring or defending goals.

Recommended hours:

AM – 8:00am to 11:00am or 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon)
PM – 1:00pm to 4:00pm or 5:00pm to 8:00pm (depending on the weather)
The BFUT educator goes to your town. Offered all year around 
The camp coordinator will receive with no cost the BFUT Level 3 course online, the educator manual, and the season planning handbook specific by age group.

Because of success, players gain self-confidence to face new challenges on the field. As the team builds character, players become better prepared to tolerate mistakes. Eventually, the players learn from those mistakes and continually improve. It is about being an intelligent player, understanding the why, when and how of each concept of the game.

Objectives – The major goals to accomplish in this program:

  • The complete development of the 12 technical abilities of soccer (with both feet)
  • Implementation of the technical-tactical and tactical concepts
  • Development and improvement of the body coordination, fast reaction, agility and elasticity
  • Development of the mental speed
  • Complete development of the tactical system variations adjusted to the team needs. Compactness and the speeds of the game
  • Introduce nutritional and psychological concepts.
  • Establish a long-term training schedule for player development.
  • Improve player’s ability to read the game.
  • Implement the following tactical concepts: four basic aspects of Brazilian soccer, types of pressure, inside and outside penetration, and compactness (speeds of the game).
  • Advancement of functional training (tactical schemes) methods for defenders, midfields and attackers.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

  • Organization meeting – Brazilian Soccer Philosophy
  • Coordination and speed of reaction analysis – Brazilian soccer warm up
  • Technical analysis
  • Tactical analysis (speed of thought) – 4 basic aspects of Brazilian soccer
  • game (11v11) – Implementation of the mental speed ( Offensive – Defensive)
  • Technical aspects (Defenders) -1v1 and 2v2– technical development and game situation
  • Application on the field 11v11 (man to man marking, kinds of pressure)

Day 2

  • Speed of the game (Theoretical explanation on field).
  • Development of the player’s individual abilities.
  • Speed of reaction/coordination (Circuit Training).
  • Learning how to read the game
  • Futsal – Implementation of the 3v3 (Alternate futsal/reading game)
  • Zone marking – game 11v11 – kinds of pressure
  • game 1



Day 3

  • Technical aspects (Midfielders) – Passing/trapping under pressure
  • Shooting
  • 4 goals and 4 teams game (Permanent switching point of attack)
  • Futsal : 4v4 (Learning how to play back to the opposite goal).
  • Game conditions 11v11 (Shooting)
  • Lecture – building from the back – adjust the best system for the group, related to the player technical skills
  • Circulation of the midfielders (8v8)
  • Switching point of attack with effective penetration (11v11)
  • Game 2

Day 4

  • Field – technical aspects (Forwards) Brazilian warm-up with ball
  • Futsal – crossing –
  • Different scoring situations
  • (9v9 to each 14 players) offensive circulation and defensive rotation
  • Crossing and finishing (4 balls).
  • 1 touch game and curve balls (barefoot)
  • Inside and outside penetration strategies
  • Game 3





Day 5

  • Carioca System (Organizing the team’s pace)
  • 11v11 Game – Implementation of the inside/outside penetration
  • Beginning of the individual player analysis
  • Final competition
  • 11v11 Final Game