The BFUT IPT PRO is the path for any player worldwide to be exposed to a high performance training and game conditioning towards becoming a PRO PLAYER, giving the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the Brazilian professional football environment. This is a 2 to 12 weeks program with high quality training and games. Players will also be exposed to the full social, cultural, and the football professional experience.

The player will be analyzed, training and playing with the BFUT – Brazil High Performance Programs (Preparing players in Brazil to become professional players)

Training will be overseen by the Brazilian club, Primavera (Indaituba, Brazil) and all its staff . Training will be advanced tactical systems, schemes and strategies to give the player the opportunity to advance towards a professional career in soccer.

This Program is recommended for players age 16 to 20 years old – Male

Objectives – The major goals to accomplish in this program:

  • Analyze, develop and guide you physically, technically, tactically and psychological.
  • Provide the players the highest level of training – developing your speed of thought, reaction, improvisation and decision.
  • Provide the players with the highest level of competition to develop the quickness of decision under pressure and help  to become a very unpredictable player.
  • Develop players` technical abilities under high environment of challenge.
  • Improve players` ability of read the game and apply the correct tactical and functional concepts consistently.
  • Provide the players a consistent planning based on the complete assessment.
  • Offer the players an opportunity to play and be seen by professional clubs in Brazil.
  • Assistance in Sports Management – Defining objectives to each player.
  • Orientation in Sports Nutrition.
  • Provide the player the opportunity to tryout for a professional club in Brazil


  • Sports Medicine – Learn how prevent injuries and how to treat it when it’s necessary.
  • Sports Psychology – The balance – Athlete – Human Being and citizen OF the world – educate and promote PEACE.


BFUT’s responsibilities:

  • BFUT Instituto Brasileiro de Futebol is responsible to provide the following services for the
    In combination with the student parents provide the payment of the airfare between the
    country of origin to Sao Paulo – Brazil and return ( round trip)
    Guarantee the rights under Brazilian law, in particular the Statute of Children and
    Medical, hospital and dental when applicable ( players will have a private insurance
    Cultural interaction partner with families in the local community
    Accommodation in double or triple occupancy
    Meals: 3-4 daily
    Transportation Airport – BFUT Center – Airport – Local training and games
    Athlete analysis – complete analysis of physical, technical skills and tactical concepts
    Practice 8 (minimum) Physical / technical / tactical / 1 collective – friendly match a week
    All transfers to training, games, social e cultural
    Direct supervision provided by BFUT- Brazilian Institute of Football
    Equipment for training and games
    Other casual needs